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Katie Gahagan and Holly Mihalovich launched ShopCircle based on their love of online shopping and style influencers, supported by their respective backgrounds in finance and marketing.

The ShopCircle app combines the concept of influencer-based shopping with offering great deals at retail and online, resulting in a curated selection of the best items and deals available.

Holly says, “One direction we’ve taken with this is ‘let's save retail’. [ShopCircle] will get scouts out into retail stores finding some of the best deals, posting them and helping retailers make sales so they can keep their doors open.”



Project Category

Web App

App Category

Fashion, Shopping

Venture Phase


What We Did

  • tick UX/UI Design

  • tick Flowcharting

  • tick Wireframing

  • tick Clickable Prototype




Starting from scratch, the ShopCircle founders were looking for a partner to get their concept off the ground. Katie says, “We’re not tech people. We don’t speak tech, we don’t know the platforms need to connect one dot to another, we kind of have to go with blind trust.”

After meeting with some other companies, they found that Lean Start Lab was the only developer to offer a functioning, clickable prototype at a reasonable cost on a structured timeline.

They also found that Lean Start Lab helped them with much more than just the technology, helping them fine-tune their concept, develop their business and brand ideas, amp up their social media and connect with the local startup community.

Shopcircle solution image




  • tick 3-week timeline to get a clickable prototype in hand

  • tick Great two-way communication

  • tick Business and brand development support

  • tick Marketing and social media consultation

  • tick Introduction to other startup resources

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