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BNGO is a social media app designed to be an ice-breaker to get people interacting in real-life social situations.

A combination of a scavenger hunt and bingo, it has people take photos to confirm that they have completed various tasks. It can be used at events or as a fun activity for friends hanging out together, so it has B2B and B2C potential.

According to BNGO founder Doug Franklin, the idea came about when he was talking with one of the company’s co-founders and they noticed that, “There’s no games on social media that capture events where people are doing a whole bunch of fun, sometimes crazy things, that they are otherwise posting on social media.”



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What We Did

  • tick UX/UI Design

  • tick Flowcharting

  • tick Wireframing

  • tick Clickable Prototype




He was referred to Lean Start Lab by a friend who was also a client, and immediately saw the value of the clickable prototype. Franklin says, “When a layperson thinks about apps, we don’t really think about the buttons you have to push to get to a certain place. We don’t think about the APIs and things that go into it, and that’s what we received from the project.”

With their clickable prototype complete and looking polished, Franklin says, “If you have a good demo you can really run. Pitch decks are easy to do, but to have a good demo is not easy. You’ve given us the green light to actually go out and look for partners and sponsors and even investors.”

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  • tick “Unlike do-it-yourself prototypes which are not sexy at all, the quality we got from Lean Start Lab was excellent.”

  • tick Lean Start Lab brought them app concepts and technical nuances they would have not otherwise considered on their own

  • tick The clickable prototype looks so professional that some people have thought the app was already finished.

Bngo mobile app

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