A truly great product inspires passion. That may sound like a strong statement, especially if you're working on something that seems pretty utilitarian. However, it should be your goal to create a product that people truly love, no matter how niche its market may be.

So what makes someone love an app, website or IoT device? Here are some of the most important attributes.

Solves a problem

Great products become integrated into their users' lives and/or work because they represent the best way to do something useful. Your product should ideally address a pain point for your customers in a way that no other product can or does. If you are forward-looking enough, you may end up solving a problem your users didn't even realize they had.

Improves upon an idea

Many great technology products began by simplifying or automating an activity or process that was once much more manual. For instance, think of all the paperwork that has been eliminated in the delivery industry alone since mobile devices became the standard for tracking packages.

Sometimes a product starts with an already popular tech idea and makes it better. For example, look at the evolution of web-based photo sharing sites. Older sites like Flickr, Picasa and Shutterfly were popular at a time when digital cameras were the norm, but their interfaces felt clunky once mobile phone camera technology caught up. Now Instagram, which is mainly an Apple and Android app with more limited functionality as a website, has taken over the space.

Easy to use

The best digital products are so simple and seamless that using them feels completely intuitive, even without instructions or a tutorial. They take on the look of their platform(s), taking full advantage of native features and capabilities. The user experience is not only frictionless but may even be enjoyable and fun!

Up to date

Version 1 got you to market, but that's just the beginning. Continual updates are the name of the game to keep incorporating new and better features, address user feedback, and keep up with other technological changes.

Well supported

Perhaps most important of all, your business should be available and responsive to users. Depending on the product and industry, you may also be able to leverage a user community to allow your customers to assist each other, although friendly and reliable customer care is still vital.

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